Concerning Murder Screenshot This is a screen capture of one of our music files. Many of the features are visible on this screen, some are not.
LINKS: at the top are links to two files, the first links to sheet music, the second links to a Midi file.
TITLE: the title (name) of this song is "Concerning Murder." Also, an alternate title is shown.
KEY: Sometimes the key is not obvious.
CHORDS: Guitar chords for the parts of the song are shown. One chord per beat.
BUTTONS: One touch changes the key, or displays a tab. More keys and tabs are available.
MUSIC: Music is displayed in the traditional staff, bar and note format.
LYRICS: At the bottom are the lyrics for the song. Notice the chords embedded in the words. These can be removed, or displayed in the familiar way with the chords above the words.


Tabs Screenshot This is a screen capture of a line of music with the mandolin tab shown.
Tabs are used for specific instruments to aid the player in finding the note. In this example, the number in the tab line gives the fret (0 is open string, or the nut), the letter at the left of the line indicates the string, and the note on the music staff immediately above the number shows the duration and pitch.
For example, the 3rd note is an eighth note, pitch F#, played on the 2nd fret of the E-string.

The tabs are available at the touch of a button, and tapping the "More" button gains access to all the available tabs: Banjo; Fiddle; Guitar; Mandolin; Dobro; Ukulele; and Harmonicas. An option can be set that keeps the tab display always active.


Singing Farmers Is the song not in your "Key" ???
This is where the power of this tool really shines through. All you gotta do is press a button to change the key. In fact, it's so easy you'll want to try different keys until you find your voice.

Go to the [Products] tab above, Run the demo, scroll down to "Clementine" and try different keys... Enjoy.